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India is progressing well with its economic and institutional reforms. Overall sentiment is positive, boosted by recent sovereign rating upgrade by Moody’s, though S&P decided to maintain status quo, at BBB- with stable outlook sighting low per capita income, high (consolidated with Centre Government and State Governments) fiscal deficit and debt level.

While current GDP growth appears weak due to adverse impact of reform measures like demonetisation and GST, the medium term outlook looks positive with economy expected to grow at rate closer to 7% in next FY.

However, issues like high government and public debt, risk of fiscal slippage, political priorities taking over fiscal prudence as we approach 2019 general election, external vulnerabilities, rising crude and other commodities’ prices and state of banking system continue to worry the stake holders.

As such, range of predictions for key benchmarks like INR exchange rate, BSE SENSEX, Repo Rate as at close of current FY 2017-18 is quite wide with equally convincing reasoning on either side.

In the above background, we are pleased to introduce the first set of survey question from ensuing series of Market Survey. We invite views from Bankers, Foreign Exchange Market Participants, Treasury Professionals and Consultants in the field; on the following economic indicators.

  • Value of Indian Rupee
  • RBI Policy REPO Rate

Your participation is solicited on volunteer basis and entries received shall be perceived as opinion of the individual participant and not of his/her institution’s.

Response which would be nearest to actual as on 30 March 2018, Friday (or preceding working day in Mumbai if last Friday is declared holiday) and supported with best reasons shall be awarded suitably. Decision of the FEDAI shall be final and no inquiry or communication shall be entertained in this regard. Only one entry is accepted per person.

Please respond latest by 31 January 2018, closing date.